Welcome to the PalWeb Academy! Over the course of three Levels, the Curriculum will guide you through attaining an intermediate level in Palestinian Arabic from scratch.

The Curriculum will expose you to essential vocabulary & covers every grammatical structure of the language. After that, you can use the resources in the Texts section of the site to widen your vocabulary and learn common turns of phrase.

Each Level is divided into three Units built around a general theme. Each Unit contains nine Lessons, with each Lesson containing the following:

  • one Grammar Skill
  • one Vocabulary Skill
  • a set of Exercises that test these two Skills
  • one Idea section to help you get better at speaking ("Speak Like a Native"), to understand how the language works ("Know It All"), or to acquaint yourself further with Palestinian culture ("Get Cultured").
  • a set of Dialogues that integrate everything learned in the Lesson


The Texts section is intended to follow the content of the Lessons section, that is, the formal curriculum that should take learners up to an intermediate level in Palestinian Arabic. Because of this, the presentation of the following texts is designed for intermediate- to advanced-level learners & presumes knowledge of the language's fundamentals. Hence, the focus is on learning new vocabulary & idiomatic expressions in a wider variety of natural situations, as well as improving listening comprehension.